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Friday, 2 March 2012

The world's gone bonkers; so what's next?

Today I’ve been reading through various newspaper sites and seeing that, apparently, the world has finally gone mad.  People that aren’t killing each other in war are doing so in other ways; banks and building societies are raising interest rates (even though the Bank of England hasn’t) to get more cash to give to their executives in bonuses.  I say this because it’s apparent they’re not lending it out; one of them is, of course, the notorious RBS.

There’s muggings, murders, rapes and drug busts.  There’s even a new disease – Pregorexic – which is apparently suffered by pregnant women who are terrified they’re going to get too fat whilst they’re expecting and so, basically, starve themselves.  No one's sure what it effect this has on the babies yet, aside from early delivery, but it can't be good can it?

Mugabe is having a lavish 88th birthday party whilst the rest of his country starve; there’s a guy with half a head (yes, you did read that right) brought about through drug abuse and telling people not to do the same.  Yet parts of Spain admit they're turning fields over to marijuana growers because they're broke.

Fuel prices are rising to the point where we’re going to have to think whether we can eat and use the car to get to the supermarket in the first place.  But Osborne, our wonderfully smug looking Chancellor, still thinks he can raise the fuel duty by up to 5p a litre (which usually means about 2-3p) because he’s already shown the general public he’s ‘listened’ by not raising it before.

We’re giving £27 million in aid to Argentina – yes, that is the same country that's been loudly sabre rattling about the Falklands.  Not to mention the millions in aid we’re giving to India and China – both are countries with their own space and nuclear programmes.  Yet Haiti, which genuinely needs help, we appear to be ignoring.

Then there’s Syria – a country I said appeared to be keen to have nothing but dead citizens as they were easier to rule when I first started this blog; however, that throwaway comment is appearing to come true as Assad seriously, and with frightening diligence, appears to be aiming for a country entirely populated by the dead.

Greece is about to default on their massive loans which means they’ll be heading back to the drachma anytime now.  Sarkozy  is on the point of being lynched, and the market analysts are saying if Greece falls out of the Euro then Spain and Italy might well end up joining them – indeed there’s a strong possibility that there won’t actually be a euro by Christmas.

A Principal in a school in the US is teaching homophobic hate to her students; and two men have been found guilty for pretending to help a Malaysian student injured in the riots last year, but who robbed him instead.

I assumed that, as all this was going on and the banks and building societies seemed to be trying to force more families into their own default on their mortgages by raising the rates; fuel companies (and the exchequer) continue to ‘raise and rake’ the cash in on the petrol/diesel prices then it would be all over the media in a real shock and horror sort of way, rather the matter of fact reporting (a few lines here and there) it actually got.  

However, I was sorely mistaken - it appears all they seem concerned about is whether David Cameron rode a horse that was loaned to the ex-editor of the I now know, with alarming certainty, that the entire world and everyone in it has gone absolutely and entirely bonkers. 

I am not sure, as I sit here in vague confusion and ever growing alarm, what the cure is.  The last two times the world has descended into this sort of utter madness the only thing to shake it to its senses has been a world war.

Frankly I’m hoping that we’re all a little more intelligent these days and so are able to find a better, more constructive, route to sanity and salvation.  But, sadly, something tells me that won’t happen this time anymore than it did with the others.

Who will rise as this possible global war’s ‘Big Bad’ is still open to conjecture – I can’t see any one person rising up like Hitler did in the last war; not yet anyway.  Perhaps it will be a single action that will light the blue touch paper before we can all stand back, as it was in the first world war.

Me?  I’m just going to "keep calm and carry on", as the current catchphrase goes, albeit with my fingers crossed.  My only advice is that no one make any sudden movements; everyone, especially a lot of those in powerful positions, has that slightly wild look an animal gets before it bites your hand through to the bone.  Only in this case it’s going to take more than a few painful stitches to make it all okay......

This is Simi, thanks for reading.......

1 comment:

  1. Wow. O.O I think I must a slept through 2012.
    I was so buried in my school books, I never even noticed things were spreading across the world at such a rapid pace and so deadly too.
    I just remember that sickly sliding feeling into the alcohol vat as I lost the BULLSHIT American dream when PEACHTREE Mortage Co. those bastards called to inform me, "You MUST pay your$3,000 Balloon payment, or your house will be seized and sold."
    FUCK that.
    I tried So hard to hang onto that which I had sacrificed my life and health to hang on to with my bloody fingernails. I worked insane hours, and lost interest in all things that make a human a human.The repo freaks.

    There IS no American Dream.
    In 2008, it died and has remained so. Unless you were born that way, or you can re invent something NEW to rise above the dirty cream of the sordid crop of sheeple.
    Think pet rock, lol.
    It is sad but a harsh reality.
    More and more people are developing helplessness, which is a learned behavior, due to a feeling and actuality of hopelessness.
    So, we smile and try to carry on...