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Friday, 23 March 2012

Is Freeze 24/7 the latest miracle wrinkle buster, or just another wannabee?

Yet again we have another ‘miracle treatment’ for the general aging process, this time in the UK.  The product is called the ‘Freeze 24/7 range’, and has a variety of creams and serums that part you from your hard earned cash on the promise that 90% of wrinkles ‘vanish’ in the first ten minutes.  

It’s made up of the ‘miracle herb’ Gynostemma Pentaphyllum – also called the ‘magic grass’ by people from Asia for it’s supposed ‘wrinkle busting’ properties.  The thing is, that its lauded ‘wrinkle busting’ claims have no definitive proof.  Certainly their advert, shown in detail in the article, (with accompanying pictures) only show minute, and hardly detectable, changes in the faintest of wrinkles.

It’s horrendously expensive too, £40 for a measly 10ml; and, as well these alleged miracle herbs, there’s also Parabens – a particular type of synthetic preservative that often causes skin irritation in some users.  Additionally, most of the other ingredients, aside from the ‘miracle’ ones, are also used in other face creams and serums that are much cheaper.  

Indeed the anti-aging serum I buy from Aldi, for a mere £3.99, has many of the same ingredients mentioned in the ‘freeze 24/7 – Instant Wrinkle Treatment’; I’ve actually sat down with my bottle of face serum and compared its contents list against the published ‘24/7’ ingredients. 

No, mine doesn’t get rid of the wrinkles – it does, along with the accompanying face shimmer moisturiser and eye cream (both £1.99), soften the skin (which certainly feels nice) and makes my face appear a little smoother; but that’s all.   

Oh and, with the '24/7' range there’s no money back guarantee; so, if you happen to not like it, find a similar product more cheaply elsewhere, or indeed have any problems then that’s really down to you.  Even their returns policy is so super strict that some beauty websites appear loathe to recommend it.

But I must add here that one UK tester casually mentions in a review, for a well known British newspaper, that her face went completely numb when she used it; but, as her friends and family told her how “radiant” she looked, she decided to keep using it anyway.

And therein lies the rub – even though it completely numbed her face, instead of being alarmed, this lady decided to keep on using the cream regardless. 
As for me; well, I’ll stick with my slighter softer skin and loads of wrinkles – they’re me, a part of me and so why should I worry?  Alright, as I’ve repeatedly said, I’m ugly; so it could be argued that it doesn't really matter that much for me.

But on the other hand, perhaps, we should just beware of salesmen and their ‘snake oil’ remedies as much now as we did a hundred odd years ago; the oil’s the same, it’s just what it’s supposed to cure that's changed......

This is Simi, thanks for reading.......

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