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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

What makes us happy and why it's important.....

I remember being asked once “what makes you happy?”  My reply was swift and somewhat glib, as I replied “chocolate.”  Everybody laughed; especially as I added “no matter what the question is, chocolate is always the answer.”

But it was true to a point; chocolate does make me happy.  When I’m feeling down, eating some of that sweet confection always makes me feel at least a little better.

But today I’m sitting here and wondering what really makes me happy?  On this chocolate is, surprisingly, not the answer.  My family make me happy of course; they make me laugh, sometimes when I think I won’t ever again.

Our dog makes me happy; he’s a real character – typical for an Akita breed, he’s very chatty and yodels, howls, woofs and rumbles his way through life.

Sunny days make me happy; to see the sunshine through the window, to go out and feel a gentle warm breeze and see the sun shining, especially after a cold, dark winter is something that really gives me a lift.

Customising something for daughter and seeing that she likes it as it’s turned out well – such as when I made her her anime costume – is something that always pleases me because I like seeing her happy above and beyond myself.  The same with my husband; his happiness is so important to me – so if they’re both happy then, usually, so am I.

But as I sit here and think about it, I have to say that there’s not an actual singular thing that makes me happy.  I can’t say that this one incident, memory, action is what gives me complete happiness.

In fact I don’t think anyone is completely happy; there’s varying levels for everyone.  But I also, after this thoughtful consideration, don’t feel there’s any one thing that makes most people happy; certainly not myself.

I think for most of us it really is a case of being aware of your 'blessings' (or more the 'good stuff' in your life), not because it shows how well you’re doing compared to some other poor schmuck – but because it’s only then, no matter how bad life may seem, do you realise that, actually, you’re really pretty happy after all.

So, don’t necessarily count your blessings, but certainly take them all out and have a good look at them.  You might be surprised how great they make you feel – I certainly was.

This is Simi, thanks for reading....

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  1. lol, I REALLY like this, it is not glib,nor cookie-cutter manufactured:

    "So, don’t necessarily count your blessings, but certainly take them all out and have a good look at them. You might be surprised how great they make you feel – I certainly was."
    Very well said...
    What makes me happy, sane and feel alive? Creating my stories, to know somehow, it made someones day a bit brighter, or perhaps they learned something they did not know before. ^^
    This was another one of those written goodies of the mind, that can have a positive perspective for someone that needed it.
    WATTY, seriously. Take them from the closet on here, and give your words light and love and share them with this dark world, that now, more than ever, needs them.
    Make those Books! Think of all of the fun you can have searching or making your book covers?
    Besides the actual writing and creating the many stories, I LOVE finding the covers. For they too can SAY so much even without words.