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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Why evolution should dump us down a dead end and leave us there......

The world today completely horrifies me; I read the news and find myself seeing stories about families who are charged a huge cancellation fee (£2,300) on a holiday because the mum has been diagnosed with aggressive cancer and cannot wait for treatment - yet the holiday company seems to feel that dying (without immediate help) is not a good enough reason to cancel.  

A hit and run driver escaping jail so he can continue to 'look for work'; another man escaping jail because he was a father, despite having over twenty-one thousand child porn images on his computer that he admitted downloading because he was ‘addicted’....yes, that last one raised my eyebrows too.

Another story relates the details of an innocent victim beaten almost to death by three men for ‘fun’; apparently they were bored and drunk and decided that nearly killing someone would be entertaining.  These weren’t the youngsters the media usually scream about – these men were all in their thirties.  Yet another tells of eight railway workers being mown down by a black cab in London because they had an argument with the driver.

The worst story for me though is the one about the young Indian woman, Fakhra Younus, who finally committed suicide twelve years after being doused in acid by her ex-husband whilst she slept - she was only thirty-three.  

Unlike the marvellous Katie Piper, who I really admire, this poor young woman was unable to get the sophisticated treatment that's only on offer in the West; she'd had thirty-nine operations to try and repair the damage, but none had really gone beyond the basics to live - so she spent the last twelve years locked in the 'prison' of her face (her term). 

I feel so sad for her, for the monstrous crime against her.  Yes, she was horribly, awfully scarred – but that was on the outside.  Inside was a loving, warm and thoughtful young woman who had so much to offer all of us.  

A wonderful young woman and mother, who now will not get that chance because she was so horrified that her ex-husband was cleared of the atrocity, because he was rich and had many connections amongst the corrupt Pakistani government, that she felt she had to make the ultimate sacrifice to bring it to the world's attention.  

It seems in Pakistan this sort of barbaric 'revenge' is not as uncommon as you'd like to think; yet it's never spoken of, never dealt with.  So she did the one thing she thought would bring it out of the shadows and into the light of publicity. 

Sadly though, like the desperate Tibetans setting themselves on fire with alarming regularity recently, this despairing attempt at trying to gain justice will fail because, basically, no one in power really cares about those who are not wealthy or well connected.

Tomorrow another atrocity will fill the headlines and this poor woman, and the other victims I've mentioned, will already be forgotten. Their plight will remain unchanged; their story will become, quite literally, 'yesterday's news'. The world will rumble on it's way as it did before their forlorn attempt to seek justice.

When reading or watching the news lately I begin to wonder when will we stop in our headlong rush to brutalise each other?  Not just with similar actions as these, but with bureaucracy too – after all, the story about the family being hit with a huge cancellation fee is the pen pushers and bean counters way of using small print to profit from a customer's devastating situation.

It seems these days there’s nothing we won’t do to each other in the name of revenge, fun or money.  No act is too depraved or violent, no sum of money to high (or low) to steal.  A recent case of an elderly lady, aged eighty-seven, being brutally mugged for a measly eight pounds (and who later died), is just the tip of this particularly repulsive iceberg.

I wonder if I should just stop reading it all and commenting about it on the various news forums, because no one takes any notice of those of us who register our outrage at the brutality all around us; no one listens when so many people sign petitions to try and get our government to help the needy in this country – to help those who genuinely can’t help themselves.

I watched a programme about the second world war today and I thought “the poor sods who died in that war, and the first one before it, must be spinning in their graves right now.”  Their deaths, their fight for freedom and decency was pointless; completely and utterly meaningless.

For me, that’s the most depressing thought I’ve had in the longest time; so many millions of men who fought for us, so many civilians who died through no fault of their own because of that war for justice.  It now means exactly......nothing.

We definitely need to get a handle on ourselves soon; it’s about time the decent and law abiding of us started cleaning house, and riding ourselves of the depraved and criminal amongst us - there is no other way to stop the rot; we've tried them and they just don't work. 

People must be taught that there is a very serious consequence to their actions; that there is a harsh punishment for what they do wrong – otherwise we, as a species, are utterly cursed to the scrap heap of evolution. 

Let’s face it, would you bother letting us evolve any further? Wouldn't you take us down a dead end and leave us there? I know I would.

This is Simi, thanks for reading..........

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  1. Brilliant!
    Well executed.
    Top shelf, so well put. WATT. This.
    Stir the Global hive. More people need to see, it's not just on their backdoor.

    Y A