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Friday, 9 March 2012

Acrobatics, ice skating and why I like to dream......

I’ve never been the most energetic of people; even before I got sick I wouldn’t spend three hours a day in the gym.  I used to work out, if you could call an hour of aerobics twice a week ‘working out’, before I had my daughter; afterwards I never had the time.

I liked walking, cycling - all those types of things; but I’ve never been a sports fan.  Oh I’ve watched the ice skating or bits of other sports (such as horse jumping) in the Olympics or on general sports news; but I’ve never set the timer to record it, got up in the middle of the night to see it live or rushed back from a party or day out to see an event.

However, I do have one vice – apart from my well known chocolate addiction – Cirque du Soleil.  I’ve seen some of their shows on the television and loved every one; admittedly my favourite that I’ve seen to date is ‘Ka’, but I have yet to see one and be disappointed.  In fact, my only disappointment is so many are outside my reach as they're staged in horrendously expensive hotels in Las Vegas - I'll never get there, so therefore I'll never see them.

But what I have seen is an acrobatic, dancing and even (a little) singing spectacular that is, quite literally, breath taking.  The Cirque do Soleil shows are something I would get up in the night for or set the timer to record – okay I wouldn’t rush back from a day out; but then I go out so little that every second counts when I do escape my four walls, so you’ll have to cut me some slack on that one.

I suppose that I like the pure elegance of their form of acrobatic dance. I like the mind boggling sets they do; I like ice skating for the same reason, though of course this isn't as mad as the Cirque because of the blades involved.   

Sadly I am not any good at either sport – acrobatics or ice skating; I can’t even cartwheel, my handstands are very short lived and I won’t even bother regaling you with the horror of my one and only attempt at ice skating.  Sufficed to say it didn't end well.....for anyone.

However, like so many people I take my slightly overweight, unhealthy sick form and put it into the athletic curves, jumps and dances that the acrobats do; likewise I like to picture myself gliding around on the ice skates and getting the almost perfect scores of the athletes.

It might not be reality, but I’m okay with that – like most of us, I can dream.......

This is Simi, thanks for reading...

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  1. Sometimes, our dreams set our muse free...