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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Apathy and the evil that men do......

I’ve been reading the online news today, as usual, but I found it completely soul destroying.  It’s all about miniature cctv’s in traffic warden’s badges so they can monitor everyone, corruption in governments – so many it’d be easier to list the ones not corrupted.......nothing yet, but I’ll keep hoping to find one, one day.

There’s rapes, murders, bribes, cover-ups and general chaos and mayhem – but the thing that completely boggled my brain was the fact that, despite all this turmoil, local government offices seems obsessed with tracing owners of dogs who don’t pick up their mess, apparently via DNA (the dog’s, not the owners) and Cameron himself is only interested in doing, and saying, whatever he’s new BFF, Barak Obama, tells him to do.

Perhaps that’s why the UK is falling apart; but I think not – let’s face it, we’re not alone.  The Sudan’s in such terrible shape they even have to get the help of George Clooney to show the world how bad it is there right now.  Still at least he got bailed before his 10pm bedtime, so that’s good.

Bad jokes aside, let’s not forget that Europe is still teetering on the brink of imploding thanks to the Euro being dead but no one, least of all the French and Germans, allowing anyone else to actually state the time of the death.  Greece is apparently the ones who murdered it but, instead of arresting it for the crime, the rest of Europe (including the UK) seem to be bribing it to keep its mouth shut.

Syria has imploded and taken most of its population with it, whilst the UN dithers and wrings its hands.  Only to finally decide to issue more ‘stern warnings’ to Assad who clearly couldn’t care less what they think; and, by continuing to butcher his own people, is giving the middle finger to Ban Ki-Moon.

As any parent will tell you; you can threaten what you like to a misbehaving child – grounding, cessation of game console access, extra homework, tv privileges revoked, etc etc.  But, and as I always say, it’s a big one, you have to follow through.  If you say to your child “do that again and you’re grounded for a month” and they do ‘that’ again – then you have to ground them for a month or the next time you say it, or any other kind of threatened punishment, they'll just laugh at you.

Despots and dictators are no different; you say “murder more of your people and we will have to consider sending in a peacekeeping force to ensure you stop” – then you have to do it; especially when the Arab League and the Syrian people themselves are begging you to do so.

What I find the most frightening is that I used to belong to many political websites, news websites, discussion forums and news forums.  I would, like so many others, passionately debate and discuss various issues both from home and abroad with loads of people around the world.  These days however, again like so many others, I now think “what’s the point?  What does it change?”  As the answer is always a resounding “nothing” I have started to drop off the various sites I belong to – I don’t even comment as much on the news forums.

You’re probably wondering what’s so scary about that; loads of people can’t be bothered to do that, or vote or take the time to think about the mess the world’s in right now.  But, as a wise man once said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing”.  Apathy is as bad; and that's what's scary......

This is Simi, thanks for reading.......

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  1. See, now THIS is why I write Fanfiction. Not as scary as the real world.*shudders*
    But, still, well put.
    Y A