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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Getting healthy seems to be worse than getting ill.......

It’s only going to be a short blog today as I am so stiff even my fingers hurt, and I have an upset stomach.  It seems the ‘healthy eating’ of (three of) my ‘five a day’ is not my friend; my body cannot deal with fruit.

So, what with my determination to get mobile and now this I am wondering if the next thing – cutting out snacks - will actually kill me?

I’m serious; chocolate to me is like plasma to everyone else – it runs in my veins.  Open up a passing stranger they’ll probably bleed O Neg; open up my wrist you’ll find neat chocolate oozing out.  Besides, eating fruit is not helping me get healthy, unless you count the many hurried staggers to and from the loo; I can’t even run at the moment (not that I've been able to for the last two years) – it’s like watching a penguin with a limp try to sprint......

Still, I know my body is throwing everything it’s got at me to give up this new regime; it’s got to like it’s new life of being pushed around everywhere and doing the housework over a week instead of all in the same day, every day.

But I’m not listening; I will weather upset stomachs, stiffened joints and chocolate cravings. I will get fitter, even if it kills me and – as it seems – it just might.

In the war for my body’s fitness levels, it seems my stomach and joints have become allies and fired the first salvos in what’s shaping up to be an ugly conflict.  My body might have won this battle but, if I survive the current apple, pear and banana assault, then I’m going for the hot shower and painkiller counter attack.  This will be backed up by the Pepto battalion my husband got me today, in readiness for just such an offensive.

And, as I muttered today whilst tottering around the shopping village like a wind up toy with a broken spring, I am not giving in. I am only forty-six years old, and being overtaken by very elderly ladies with walking sticks is no longer an option.  I would just like to add that it seems fruit is an acidic wolf in sheep’s clothing, only intent in turning stomach acid into a boiling cauldron of fire.......

This is Simi, thanks for reading.......

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  1. Feed your Mitochondrion.You need three plates of greens a day. ^^
    Kale, Spinach, Romaine, Spring Mix...Only one teaspoon of dressing, add tomatoes, sweet onions, cucumber * great for depression!* Green, yellow and red peppers. Dark chocolate is best for you, make it 70% or higher coco: assists in circulation, antioxidant properties, in fighting free radicals, those little bastards that cause inflammatory issues.
    Y A
    WATT THIS,like, now.