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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Feel good stories and why I do sometimes like the news.......

There’s not often any ‘feel good’ stories in the news these days – most of it is heart wrenchingly awful, like the recent shootings in Toulous and the coach crash in Switzerland. The sort of crimes that make you wonder at the brutality in the minds of some people, or the way we cry for the lost ones but at the same time hug our own children and families closer.

Others are more jaw droppingly contemptible; like the one about the shop keeper who didn't tell his elderly customer that his lottery ticket was a winner. He and his wife kept the ticket, before trying to claim the money (£156,000) for themselves (however he was found out and the money was given to the real winner).  Thankfully in this case the ruse was discovered thanks to Camelot being particularly on the ball, and the shopkeeper and his wife were jailed.

However, today I read a couple of stories that were a pleasant, and much welcome, change from the norm.  The first was one that made me smile – about the twelve bus drivers who won €38 million on the euro lottery and which, apparently, average out at about €3-4 million each. 

Their delight and the honest happiness for them from their workmates, instead of the usual snide remarks driven by the green eyed monster, made for a smile inducing read.

The second was about the boy who ran back into his burning house to rescue his six year old sister because, he said, he was her big brother and he “had to protect her”.  The most startling thing about this young hero was that he himself was only ten. 

Their single mother got the youngest child and her son out; but he, seeing his sister wasn't with them, went running back in to get her. He was a real hero, especially when you think about his young age - and I must admit that, whilst the story was definitely a ‘feel good’ one, I had a tear in my eye at his bravery and concern for his sister rather than his own safety.

I mention their mum was a single mother, because too often these days these mums (and dads in some cases) get a hard time from society; but they’re not all terrible parents.  I would argue that 99.99% of them are hardworking, loving parents just trying to do the best they can with what they have available.  This young boy only goes to prove that children of single parents can, and do, grow up into wonderful adults just as much as kids from two parent families.

I hope I find more happy or uplifting stories tomorrow; but if not, I think I might just read these ones again.  The last one especially, restores my faith in humanity.

This is Simi, thanks for reading.......

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  1. Yep. Being a single mama has a LOT of stigma in a bad way against you.
    You cannot escape it.
    Those hero stories were uplifting; especially the little boy rescuing his little sis.
    Ty for sharing this.
    Y A