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Friday, 17 February 2012

Anime Conventions and why I don't mind attending........

I nearly didn’t do tonight’s blog; my daughter’s going to an Anime Con tomorrow and her costume needed altering she decided at 5pm tonight – so I’ve spent the last seven hours doing just that....

It’ll be my first convention so I don’t really know what to expect – my daughter says most people will be dressing up (something I refuse to do; besides, apart from Final Fantasy VII, I don’t really know any anime characters).  So I made her her Rin Kagamine costume for the character from the Vocaloids (you’ll know who that is if you’re into Anime trust me) a while ago.  It took me three and a half months and the part that nearly reduced me to a nervous wreck was the sailor collar. 

I’ve now decided that those things are the spawn of Satan; dreamt up to drive those of us teetering on the brink of insanity right over the edge.  Certainly I had a strange tick by the end of it.  Still, the upside was that I made her costume for around £18 ($28) instead of buying one ready-made.  The shop ones cost an arm, leg and one kidney; even from E-Bay they’re around £55 ($87) for a decent one so really, if cash is an issue (which it is for most people these days) DIYing it is the only way to go.

She’s going to meet some friends there, as well as taking a school friend with her and I’m going with her dad (and wheelchair) to see all the Final Fantasy stuff – she’s hinted that she’s been told my favourite character from Final Fantasy VII, Valentine, is going to be there.....Of course, I know he’s not real and, at my age, I’m not bothered but, for an animation, the man was hunky.

If it’s good I will report back; if not.....well, for my daughter it will be worth it anyway.  She’s like most teenagers, if the media only told the truth, a good kid who tries hard to excel – she gets really good grades so I can’t, and won’t, grumble.  If I can make her day by taking her to a weird convention where she dresses up like a singing animation with some friends – well, I can think of worse things for a fourteen year old to do.....much worse.  Besides she’s leaving the house and her laptop for the day – what more could a parent want?

This is Simi, thanks for reading.....

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